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How Voice Search Is Changing SEO Digital Marketing

Jun 16, 2023

How Voice Search Is Changing SEO Digital Marketing

What is Voice Search on SEO?

Whenever we are communicating verbally, we tend to use words that are easily understandable to the other person. But what happens when we use such verbal words for our own benefit? It means optimizing terms and phrases for voice assistant searches. For websites to correctly appear in search results for voice assistant searches, several SEO professionals claim that voice SEO is necessary and can only be practiced at a top-rated SEO company.

The way individuals engage with search engines has recently changed. Thanks to voice search technologies! Voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa have allowed consumers to do web searches and other tasks using only their voice.

Moreover, in this blog, we'll examine voice search's effects and drawbacks on SEO.

Effects of Voice Search on SEO

1. Modifying Search Terms:- Voice search has changed the way people phrase their search queries. When using voice assistants, users use longer-tail keywords than traditional text-based searches. Instead of typing "best laptop for gaming," they might ask, "What are the best laptop for gaming currently?" This shift in query patterns demands SEO professionals to optimize their content accordingly and include natural language phrases to align with voice search preferences.

2. Highlighting the Snippets:- Voice search depends on providing quick answers to user queries. As a result, featured snippets, which appear at the top of search engine results, have gained increased importance. Voice assistants often show the featured snippet content as the answer to the user's query. To optimize for voice search, website owners must focus on creating high-quality content that can secure featured snippets. Thus, increasing their chances of being selected as the voice assistant's answer source.

3. Local SEO- Voice search has a significant impact on local SEO. People often use voice search to find local businesses or services, such as "Where can I find a pharmacy nearby?" Optimizing for local SEO becomes crucial in such cases, as businesses must ensure that their names are listed on platforms like Google My Business. This includes providing accurate business information, such as opening hours, addresses, and contact details so that the visibility can increase in voice SEO.

4. More emphasis on mobile optimization- Voice search is primarily conducted through mobile devices, making mobile optimization more valuable than ever. Websites that are not mobile-friendly may experience a decline in rankings and traffic. Optimizing for mobile includes improving page loading speed, ensuring interactive design, and utilizing structured data markup. Websites prioritizing mobile optimization will be competitive in the voice search era.

Drawbacks of Voice Search on SEO

1. Decreased Visual Results:- While voice search provides quick answers, it cannot display visual results that are present in text-based searches. This limitation can stop businesses from depending on visual content to attract users, such as e-commerce websites or those offering visual services. The SEO service agency must adapt SEO strategies to balance optimizing for voice search and maintaining a visually appealing user experience.

2. Limited Brand Exposure:- Voice search often provides a single answer or a small set of options to user queries, leading to limited brand exposure. Without the traditional search engine results page, where users can scroll through multiple options, businesses may struggle to compete for visibility. To counter this drawback, brands should build strong brand image and loyalty through content marketing, social media engagement, and strategies of voice optimization to ensure they are top-of-mind when the voice assistant provides a recommendation.


Voice search has undoubtedly transformed the digital landscape, bringing both benefits and challenges to SEO. While voice search offers convenience and easy access to users, businesses and SEO professionals must adapt their strategies to ensure that they remain visible and competitive. By embracing the opportunities and addressing the drawbacks, brands can position themselves for success. Of course, it is not that easy, and it might take a lot of hard work, which is why you opt for an SEO service agency.

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