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ICO Dashboard

Develop and execute a successful campaign to fund your groundbreaking blockchain initiatives with an ICO dashboard. Over the last several years, our team of blockchain experts and skilled engineers has assisted many businesses in making their visions a reality. Any creative start-ups like yours require the time, freedom, and flexibility to fully participate in developing their game-changing ideas. You don’t have to be bogged down by nitty-gritty details.

Features of ICO Dashboard

Statistics in Real-Time

The investor may use this component to seek specifics of real-time data, which include the current price of tokens/coins, transaction history, and other characteristics.

Multiple Language Support

The professional ICO dashboard script is designed to handle different languages to give global consumers a better experience at any time and from anywhere. As a result, allowing several languages will make it easier for customers to acquire crypto tokens.

Swift Navigation

One may have a fantastic token sale experience with the premium ICO dashboard script. Without any interruption in the middle, one may quickly go over the platforms.

Crypto Wallet

A crypto token wallet is included in the bug-free ICO dashboard script program. This safe crypto token wallet allows you to store and send a large number of crypto tokens, including private and public keys.

In-Depth Analytics

The ICO dashboard script offers customers extensive information. The ICO platform's administrators can simply maintain track of transactions without difficulty.

Investor Management

The admin of the ICO platform may simply manage the investors on the platform by utilizing the appropriate ICO dashboard script. The ICO platform's administrator has complete control over adding and removing investors.

//Why Choose Seekware

ICO Dashboard

Support for several cryptos and fiat currencies

Our ICO dashboard script supports all main cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, giving your investors various payment alternatives. It increases the visibility of your crypto project by exposing it to a larger worldwide audience.

High-Level Security

We understand how essential security is to you, as well as to your users. To secure user accounts, our ICO Dashboard Script includes several security features such as 2 Factor Authentication, triggered emails, monitoring, etc.

Transactions History

Keeping track of all of your transactions is simple with our ICO dashboard. Get complete transaction history records with a single click and keep track of your records easily.

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